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Sunday, November 22, 2009 

An In or Out Referendum Electoral Pact for the General Election

The Liberal Democrats under Nick Clegg proposed an In or Out referendum on the EU as a ruse to get around their commitment to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. They do not, therefore have far to travel to accept an offer from the UKIP for an electoral pact where the parties would jointly commit to combine following a General Election to form a Government with the sole policy of offering the nation an immediate referendum on the nation's future within the post-Lisbon EU.

Democrats will then have a wide political choice while ignoring the corrupted and totally disgraced Conservative and Labour Parties.

As Nick Clegg previously stated, the EU question is now a poison making any political progress for the nation impossible. Since making that case the economic crisis has worsened matters yet further.

By this time next week the UKIP will have a new leader, probably based in Westminster. This is a bold proposal that any potential UKIP leader would do well to weigh over the coming week.

Let voters have a choice between the old Conservative ideals as represented by UKIP and the old honest Labour Party ideas now only found amongst the Liberal Democrats. Let them compete head to head in every constituency in the land.... at least after listening to Nick Clegg this morning, they will have an agreed and coherent strategy on the war in Afghanistan now being fought by our brave service men and women, but being effectively ignored by the two main parties.


posted by Martin |2:04 PM
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