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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 

Fishing injustice

THERE has been a profound miscarriage of justice with regard to Charlie McBride and Charles Jnr, fishermen from Northern Ireland who have been sentenced to two and three months in jail, respectively, for "contempt of court".

The McBrides, owners of the fishing vessel Arcane N907, were convicted of under-declaring prawn and whitefish landings from fishing trips in the Irish Sea in 2007, in contravention of the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy, and fined a total of £385,774. Defra then called in the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), using legislation to enable the courts to confiscate the assets of serious criminals such as major drug dealers.

The McBrides have not been sent to jail for contravening fishing laws, but for contempt of court after trying to raise funds to pay off their extortionate fines by borrowing against their assets (boat, business and houses) "frozen" by SOCA. Apparently, there is no appeal against the sentences.

We don't see bank managers going to jail for losing billions, but we treat fishermen who might be guilty of minor infringements against the thoroughly discredited CFP as super-serious criminals.

Readers who are as enraged as I am can sign a petition on the Prime Minister's website –

Peter Wyatt

Co-chair UKIP Fishing Policy Committee

posted by Martin |1:39 PM
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