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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 

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1. Local referendum campaigns get underway: Can you help in an area near you?

The I Want a Referendum campaign is organising referendums in 10 constituencies around the country, giving half a million people a vote on the revised EU Constitution, in what will be the biggest vote on Europe since 1975.

Ballot papers have arrived on people's doormats throughout the country, and voters have until 25 February to send back their papers in the freepost envelope provided.

We now urgently need people to help us campaign in the regions. The biggest challenge will be encouraging voters to actually take part in the vote and return their ballot papers by the deadline.

We need people to give out leaflets and other campaign material, put up posters, knock on doors, help organise debates, make phone calls, hold street stalls, collect signatures and more.

If you live near where any of the referendums are taking place, and are able to help us campaign, please contact your local campaign coordinator using the information below:

Somerton & Frome (South West)

Please call Simon Whitmore on 01275 474433 or email

East Renfrewshire (Scotland)

Please call Christopher Montgomery on 07709 737076.

Gedling (Nottinghamshire)

Please call Callum Heckstall-Smith on 07824 394142.

Harlow (East region)

Please email Colleen Morrison at

Hammersmith (London)

Please call Stuart Coster on 07966 178806 or email You can also visit the Hammersmith campaign blog:

Bolton West (North West)

Please contact Alistair Niven on 01204 694222 or

Eastleigh (South region)

Please contact John Milne on 07753 858165 or

Pudsey (Yorkshire)

Please email Simon Mountford at

Redditch (West Midlands)

Please contact Rod Turner on 07917 789200 or email

Aberconwy (Wales)

Please contact Dan Munford on 01938 556090 / 07803 280675, or email

Many thanks indeed for your support for our referendum campaign. This is a fantastic opportunity to persuade the Government to give us a national referendum on the revised EU Constitution - and we cannot win without your help. Further details about the referendums can be found at the bottom of this email

2. Mass lobby of Parliament: 27 February

I Want a Referendum is organising a mass lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 27 February 2008, from 11am to 6pm. This is an opportunity for you to come to Westminster and tell your MP in person why you think there should be a national referendum on the revised EU Constitution. Within around a week of the lobby, MPs will be voting in Parliament on whether or not there should be a referendum - don't miss your chance to persuade them to vote 'yes'.

If you have not yet signed up for the lobby (many thanks to the hundreds of you who have), please send a quick email to, stating your name and postcode.

Further information about the lobby, including a list of suggested questions to ask your MP, will be sent to you in due course. Details will also be posted here:

Getting to the lobby:

I Want a Referendum has set up a transport 'notice board' on the website for people to contact others who are organising transport from their area. If you are looking to travel with others, please check it regularly to see who may be organising transport from your area:

If you are able to organise transport for additional people and would like to post a message on the notice board, please email your contact details and a short message to

Remember: anyone can lobby their MP - you do not have to be an expert. You just need to be willing to ask your MP a few questions, and to tell them why you think there should be a national referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Past experience has shown that a mass lobby is one of the most effective ways of getting a message across to MPs.

Additional information about the referendum campaign

Voters in the selected constituencies will be asked two questions:

1. Should the United Kingdom hold a national referendum on the EU's Lisbon Treaty: yes or no?

2. Should the United Kingdom adopt the EU's Lisbon Treaty: yes or no?

Everyone on the open electoral register of voters in the above constituencies will receive a ballot paper. Those who are not on the electoral register can call 0208 889 9203, or email and request a ballot paper.

Voting will be going on until 25 February and the result of the referendum will be announced before the end of the month.

To carry out the poll, the I Want a Referendum campaign has commissioned the Electoral Reform Services (ERS) - the world's leading independent ballot administrator and independent scrutineer. The ERS is recognised in UK parliamentary legislation and by the UN.

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