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Thursday, January 17, 2008 

London Mayoral Election

The English Democrats choice seems a far more lively candidate than UKIPs Batten (dropper)!


Fathers 4 Justice founder Joins English Democrats as Candidate for London Mayor

The founder of direct action group Fathers 4 Justice today confirmed that he is formally entering the London Mayoral race with plans to create what he describes as ‘a New London - a city of hope, opportunity and unexplored horizons.’

Matt O’Connor, who orchestrated stunts such as the powder-bombing of Tony Blair in the Commons and Batman on Buckingham Palace , has vowed to bring “theatre and drama” to the campaign and is standing for the free thinking English Democrats Party, a party that means to change the face of dry two party politics once and for all.

O’Connor has already accused London Mayor Ken Livingstone of failing in his duty of care to protect Londoners from gang violence and a systemic failure of leadership. O’Connor referred to comments Livingstone made last week where he blamed Hollywood for the deaths of teenagers in London, deaths O’Connor says have stemmed from mass fatherlessness and the

creation under Labour of an alienated and broken society.

He plans to focus on three key issues including the flow of taxes from London to other parts of the UK and the breakdown of communities and families in London , which he believes is behind the huge number of teenage murders in London – 27 last year and two already this year; and to campaign for Justice for England which is denied by the existing political Cartel.

Said O’Connor today, “I’m alarmed by the state of our political discourse and a democracy that is failing Londoners on such a spectacular scale. We have to review the amount of taxes that flow from London to other parts of the UK including Scotland , so that London ’s taxes are spent on London , not just Edinburgh or Cardiff . Londoners pay £13.1 billion in taxes that are exported out of the capital - that’s £2,500 for every adult living in the capital.”

“But we must also place families and communities at the heart of our agenda. 27 teenagers died last year in a bloody harvest of bullets and blades on the streets of our capital city and absent father’s, lack of youth facilities and general urban decay are all contributing to London’s family and community breakdown - I believe that by standing as Mayor and becoming a real agent for change, I can restore and repair our broken city.”

“The English Democrats will bring to London the same commitment to encouraging thriving stable families as I have strived to achieve with Fathers 4 Justice. In my new political role, I recognise the need for a new kind of politics which moves direct action into the mainstream, within a party committed to justice and equality. London needs a Mayor for “all of the people” and I intend to be that Mayor.

His official campaign for a ‘ New London ’ will launch on 14 February 2008. His full London Mayoral statement is shown below.

Garry Bushell, our previous prospective candidate, is sorry to have to withdraw due to work commitments, but remains a keen supporter of the English Democrats and is organising a star-studded St George's Day evening show at the Circus Tavern on the 23rd April 2008.
Garry said:- “I urge all patriotic London to vote for the English Democrats candidates across the board. If you love our country, act now to save it.”


Matt O’Connor, London Mayoral Candidate 2008, English Democrats

The English Democrats are pioneers of individual liberty and freedom, Londoners charged with energy, conviction and commitment; agents for change united by a common bond - the innate emotional attachment we place on our capital’s shared heritage, language, identity, cultures and traditions - regardless of race, colour or creed.

I want to change the language of politics and reawaken the cradle of our democracy. But most importantly I want to offer Londoners a choice. A choice between the politics of hope and the politics of hate and discrimination. Between the politics of “belonging” and the divisiveness of segregation and alienation. Between the politics of the future and the politics of the past. A new pathway for London that refashions our identity, fusing together elements of the past with an eye to the future and what is possible, to create a confident, respectful and civilised city we can be proud of.

Unlike any of the other parties that represent the old order, I want to break the paralysis that grips our political discourse. To restore the democratic deficit in the Union of the United Kingdom . To stop the disproportionate flow of taxes from London to other parts of the UK including Scotland and Wales , so that London ’s taxes are spent on the needs of London , not automatically the needs of Edinburgh or Northern Ireland . Five of the ten most deprived local authorities in the UK are in London and they urgently need economic support.

Finally we need to tackle the social disease of family breakdown. We are creating a dysfunctional city, a city of children without fathers and without stable families, Labour’s failure to respect family life has exacerbated many of London ’s problems. It is unacceptable that 27 Mothers lost their children in a violent harvest of bullets and blades. Gang crime is running out of control and we have the highest rate of young offending in Western Europe, as well as the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe .

Our elected politicians have failed in their duty of care to protect the public and to tackle the breakdown of large parts of our capital city. By promoting family and community cohesion, radical family law reform and unlocking the potential of young people in our communities, we can begin to stem the catastrophic social effects of family breakdown.

Together with you, I am committed to repairing our broken city, rebuilding fractured families and establishing strong, prosperous communities. I hope you will work with me in creating our New London ; a city of opportunity, hope and unexplored horizons.

Matt O’Connor, London Mayoral Candidate 2008, The English Democrats

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