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Sunday, January 13, 2008 

A Constitutional Crisis?

If it is not one yet, then it quickly must become one!

Peter Hain's deceit and arrogance demeans not just every member of the Government and particularly the Prime Minister, but every MP of every party now sitting in Westminster. If they cannot see this then they have no business being in any position of responsibility - let alone politics and governance. Hain states that to suggest he was trying to hide something is absurd, but to suggest anything else cannot account for the delay in making the declaration beyond the STATUTORY time limit.

The Act of Parliament brought in by New Labour on donations has clearly been knowingly blatantly broken by all three main parties with the only major prosecution having been brought to date against UKIP where the donor involved had inadvertantly faile to re-register on the electoral roll.

The report in the Mail on Sunday on George Osborne, linked here, is startling and inadequately explained by Party Leader David Cameron on the Andrew Marr Show this morning. Also on that programme as reported on Teetering Tories, here, Cameron admitted he would accept the destruction of our Westminster Parliament.

The people of England will surely not tolerate the destruction of their democratic heritage by the likes of these law-breakers who presently despoil its benches?

posted by Martin |10:06 AM
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