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Thursday, April 12, 2007 

Has Tom Wise MEP been suspended or not?

The following is a press release from the ID group in the EU Parliament, linked here:

11/04/07 - Fair play a 'Lux'ury for Brussels Parliament

Photo: Tom Wise

With breathtaking contempt for copyright law the European Parliament's Culture Committee deliberately named the new Euro-Parliament Film Prize after an existing film organisation. "The Euro Parliament Culture Committee was informed, several times that there is an existing film organisation called Lux" pointed out Tom Wise MEP. "However copyright issues and common courtesy was ignored. I have informed the UK Lux Film organisation that their copyright is under attack by the European Parliament".

As the issue was put to a vote Tom Wise MEP of the Independence & Democracy Group suggested naming the prize the 'Wallys' to honour EU Communications Commissioner Margot Wallstrom. The joke was lost in translation but 'Wally ' was rejected on the grounds that a personal name was inappropriate. One Socialist MEP Hilda Prets thought 'TESSA' a better suggestion.

"Apparently no one has heard of Tessa Jowell in Europe" commented Tom Wise. He also helpfully pointed out that TESSA stands for Tax Exempt Special Savings Account in the UK. "I find the Idea of a socialist trying to steal the name of a financial product is faintly absurd" he admits. However Mrs Prets MEP continued to demand her choice and insisted it stood for 'Ten European Stars (for the) Seventh Art'. Suitably long winded for the EU".

"I think it a pity that 'Wally' was not considered', said Tom Wise MEP, "It is appropriate for an EU prize and I am certain no one would begrudge the EU the copyright".

By: Gawain Towler


On the other hand we had this statement from the Chairman of UKIP at the end of February:

UKIP suspends Eastern counties MEP
Statement on Tom Wise MEP

The decision has been made today to suspend Tom Wise from the UK
Independence Party group in the European Parliament, for failure to
provide information regarding alleged financial irregularities that
are now under investigation by OLAF (the European Anti Fraud Office).

Party Chairman John Whittaker said, "This decision should in no way be
interpreted as prejudicial to the outcome of that enquiry.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the MEPs in Brussels," said Dr
Whittaker, "which was the first opportunity we have had to discuss
this matter."

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