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Sunday, March 18, 2007 

Could sacked soldier Mercer be UKIP's first MP?

The once-called quality Sundays seem to be laying off the UKIP this weekend AND the party's cause got a boost in a interview about the EU constitution with the dreadful pretend Foreign Secretary on the Politics Show with a good sound-bite later from the party's leader.

I also found these extracts from a Sunday Times interview, linked here, particularly intriguing:

“Well, I put my leader in a difficult position, by being an incompetent twit,” he says. “And I am always absolutely loyal. It comes from having been in the army, I suppose. But then,” he adds with a grimace, “I expect people to be loyal in return.” They were not remotely loyal, though.

Despite Mercer’s own protestations of party loyalty, there is not much doubt that he is unhappy at the manner of his departure from the front bench — and my suspicion is that we will be hearing rather more from him in the future, in a manner that may not be entirely to his leader’s liking........

What he is most definitely not, though, is metropolitan. Not being properly metropolitan effectively got him sacked. “Politicians have got to understand that people outside of London view the world differently from those who live in the capital. They think very different things. And you need the votes of the people outside London to win a general election.

It is a different world out there.” In his constituency of Newark, in rural Nottinghamshire, he says he has been “astonished” and “overwhelmed” by the support he has received in the wake of his abrupt defenestration. The local party, I’m told from elsewhere, has taken down the photographs of David Cameron from its walls.

Given the whole interview it seems there is no natural home for Mr Mercer, a man of apparent principal, within any of the present parties represented at Westminster!

posted by Martin |2:15 PM
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