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Monday, February 26, 2007 

UKIP looks set to go the same way as Britain and its Democracy

Judging from the media silence today, other than a straight repeat of its sister paper's attacks in the Telegraph this morning, none seem prepared to defend the survival of this small party nor give the slightest allowance for the difficulties they encounter.

The three main corrupted and anti-democratic parties in Britain have stacked the odds so heavily against newcomers that it appears the crushing of UKIP will be accomplished without a whimper of protest from any corner of the political establishment.

This blog has for years followed and documented the trials and tribulations of the UKIP - and you know what? Nothing much they have done compares to the regular scandalous goings on in the three major parties. No power of patronage for UKIP to disguise the bigger scandals or ensure compliance or silence!

I have tried to warn and cajole on these pages because I have believed in the UKIP cause. It is sad that I appear to have failed. If UKIP disappear through the stupid errors for which they are presently being called to account, then there is no justice left in England - and certainly no hope for democracy. This blog will then sadly lapse.

Shame then on the voters - perhaps in May they will finally have a constructive say by boycotting Labour, Conservative and LibDem candidates!!

posted by Martin |6:29 PM
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