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Sunday, February 25, 2007 

Sunday Times UKIP Exposures

The above paper has also been running articles on the UKIP by Daniel Foggo this week's is here.

This blog had linked the earlier exposure of Tom Wise by Mr Foggo, then writing for the Telegraph in October 2005, that posting is linked here.

Last week's Sunday Times article by Mr Foggo, which I had intended to link but forgot, is here.

Amazing how all these old matters fully covered on this blog are suddenly of greater interest, this posting of mine in July 2003 seems especially apt:

Thursday, July 31, 2003 One Year On

One year ago today I became a member of UKIP. Much has happened in the intervening twelve months. Because of UKIP I was able to become acquainted with some of the most sincere and genuinely committed individuals it has yet been my privilege to know.

On the other hand I have come across dealings, which even after a long career dealing with peoples of many nations and traveling far and wide, I could hardly have imagined taking place in the shadiest of Kasbahs or the farthest reach from so-called civilization. Subterfuge and deceit undertaken for gain is an everyday occurrence that can be planned for and countered, the same qualities when brought in to play for no possible benefit but almost certain loss for all involved, can only be caused by the grossest of stupidity or deepest of treachery.

What motivates the leadership of the UK Independence Party? Well with a year under my belt I confess to still being unsure.

And still today remain unsure, although the absence of motives of personal gain was an assumption that now seems clearly off target.

Absent UKIP where now for the real opponents of the non-democratic EU?

posted by Martin |1:06 PM
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