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Saturday, February 10, 2007 

BNP and English Democrat Shocker in Bede by-election

BNP ran Labour 658 votes a close second with 546 votes with the English Democrats on 75 and Save the NHS with 43 making the combined small party total sufficient to have changed the result.

Cameron's sham conservatives on 301 and UKIP with just 8 votes came away with the biggest bloody noses.

UKIP did somewhat better in Croydon, but given the government's problems is it not the Labour successes that are truly astonishing:

London Borough of Croydon - Bensham Manor: Lab 1,683, Con 617, Green 240, Lib Dem 126, Ukip 40, Monster Raving Loony party 15, People's Choice 9. (May 2006: Three seats Lab 1,846, 1,805, 1,670, Con 1,117, 861, 774, Green 581, Ukip 305). Lab hold. Swing 7.5% Con to Lab.

posted by Martin |10:01 AM
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