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Tuesday, December 19, 2006 

More Internet Sense from the UKIP

Having plugged a UKIP clip on the post below already today; imagine my surprise when pointed by ever-battling EU-realist Tory MEP Roger Helmer to the latest online political broadband 'Leaders of Europe' TV debates I found Nigel Farage actually proposing this so obvious plain common sense on global warming, carbon trading and CO2 emissions:

"If we are serious...if we're really worried about CO2 emissions ....what we should really be talking about: Is a massive transfer to nuclear power!"

Absolutely correct, when the lights regularly go out, as they surely will with the legacy from New Labour compounded now by the policies of Cameron as proposed by Coldsmith Jnr., Nigel risks becoming a prophet;

Watch the video by clicking the Nov/Dec 06 broadcast from this link.

posted by Martin |5:52 PM
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