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Thursday, November 09, 2006 

West Dorset Branch resigns from UKIP

The letter of resignation signed by all branch officials and other members was as follows:

Norman Close,

Date:1st November, 2006.

Dr. J.Whittaker,
UKIP Office,
29 Winckler Square,
Lancs. PR1 3JJ.

Dear Dr. Whittaker,
It is with deep regret, and a lot of heart searching, that the undermentioned members of the UK Independence Party, West Dorset Constituency Association committee, tender their resignations.

In the 2004 EU Elections, UKIP came second in West Dorset, elected two MEPs, and beat the Lib/Dems into third place. We felt we were on a roll. Our moment had come when the United Kingdom was waking up. We then had to put up with the ignominy of watching our leaders scrapping with Robert Kilroy Silk in public, resulting in many good party workers leaving UKIP and following RKS into Veritas. That, we feel, was the beginning of the end.

Our leaders squandered the goodwill that members of the party had worked hard to build up during the Euro Election. They did nothing to take the party forward, and we were left rudderless at the one time in the party’s existence when it could have become a serious contender for Westminster.

The MEPs have secured for themselves lucrative jobs, but what has happened to the cash they were going to inject into the Party? Instead, UKIP is relying on money from the very Commission we are supposed to despise and want to destroy. We would remind these MEPs that the public voted for the Party, not for them personally.

The leadership campaign was a disgrace. Lies and scurrilous accusations were made. These were not counteracted by the leadership, and now it is over, there have been no apologies and no offers of the hand of friendship. The questions about the Ashford Call centre have not been
answered, and the new Treasurer has stated that he won’t be looking at the accounts prior to his takeover. Nigel Farage has now declared that UKIP will not stand against any BOO candidates.

We had high hopes that when a new leader was elected things would change for the better, and the Party would move forward. It is now obvious that Nigel Farage, and other MEPs do not want the UK Independence Party to be a Party at all. They merely want a pressure group for the Conservatives.

This view is substantiated by the news from the recent Conference.

We can see no valid reason to work for a Party that is obviously not going to achieve anything we want, and does not offer the voters a true opposition to the three main parties.

Yours sincerely,


posted by Martin |9:46 AM
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