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Tuesday, November 21, 2006 

Russian 'spy' poisoning and UKIP's Gerrard Batten

In all my time of UKIP watching and reporting, one of the more shadowy and low profile figures has been Gerrard Batten MEP for the London region.

What a surprise therefore to see him popping up on Channel 4 news last evening to talk authoritatively on the evening's hot topic of the poisoning of the Russian in London. Does this indicate that Lord Tebbit was near the mark when he claimed in The Spectator that UKIP had some strange connections with the security services.

View the news item for the rest of this week from the link to the player access page here.

On viewing the broadcast again, it seemed worthwhile to provide the full transcript of the Channel 4 Gerrard Batten segment here, as it seems so unrelated with UKIP or the EU:

GB: " What Mario told me was that (er) he had actually been tipped off by one of his contacts another ex KGB man that his life was in danger that Litvinenko's life was in danger and two other named people. So what Mario told me was that he actually came over to discuss this with Alexander Litvinenko, it wasn't primarily about handing over the names of the supposed murderers of Anna Politkovskaya but it was about this death threat."

Why a London Region UKIP MEP would have such interest or knowledge of such matters is beyond me!

posted by Martin |6:00 PM
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