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Friday, October 27, 2006 

Something strange in Telegraph's YouGov poll report

The headline predicting Cameron could now easily beat Brown in this morning's coverage of the latest YouGov poll, linked here, seems to sit oddly with this statement in the article by George Jones:

Disaffected voters appear increasingly ready to look at alternatives such as the UK Independence Party or the Greens. Support for the minor parties totals 13 per cent, higher than at any time in recent history.

Looking at the poll result illustration minor parties are in fact shown as steady at 13 per cent, the same result as reported in September!

Could it be that it is one particular minor party that has surged - a fact that the Telegraph might not wish to trumpet as it could then easily be seen to make their headline a nonsense?

The full result of an earlier poll by YouGov on what Conservative Party members actually make of Cameron sampled at the end of September, may be found in pdf format from this link.

posted by Martin |8:08 AM
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