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Wednesday, October 04, 2006 

Farage has his chance

A disastrous Tory conference at Brighton leaves UKIP with everything to play for at their own conference next weekend.

Many natural conservatives repelled by the shallowness of David Cameron's non-agenda will be seeking a new home. Many others who once joined UKIP and have since left due to the constant dissent will now be watching on with interest and hope.

Now that the man who many in UKIP considered the arch-conspirator has finally stepped from the shadows to become the real, not just the public face of the party his ability to compromise, form a talented team and put aside past differences is essential for the nation. IMO a reconciliation with Robert Kilroy-Silk might be taken as a start in that direction and bury the notion that division and disputation are Nigel's achilles heel.

The first episode of 'The Amazing Mrs Pritchard' on BBC TV last evening showed what Veritas might have been had we all worked together more effectively, as this blog so often pleaded.

Christopher Gill being scheduled as a speaker at conference augers well.

Now that Blair's previous conference pledge to destroy Conservatism has been fulfilled by David Cameron as evidenced in today's speech it now falls upon Nigel Farage to will the means for a real Conservative and National revival through the UKIP.

posted by Martin |8:22 PM
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