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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

Press coverage on UKIP's new leader

The election results are on the post below.

Reuters gives a brief report, linked here, with this quote:

"There is a huge vacuum in British politics because the three traditional parties do not offer the electorate a real choice," Farage said.

"UKIP is now the only Party saying what most people think. We will fill the void."

The BBC web report is here, while The Guardian has a fairly detailed report, linked here, with this quote:

Mr Farage said he aimed to make Ukip a "truly representative party".

He said: "We have an awful lot to do. The party has always been very good at fighting elections in Europe.

"I intend to make the party a fully-fledged political party that is offering the public a real choice."

Mr Farage said Ukip would aim to field 500 candidates at the next general election.

He said it was his intention to move away from just the single issue of Europe and campaign on "lower, simpler, flatter taxes", selective education and giving Britain its own independent trade policy.

He said he wanted to give people a voice, particularly those who felt they could no longer vote for the Tories.

He added: "People may place us as being right of centre; I would place us as being in the centre of public opinion."

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