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Friday, August 11, 2006 

State Funding of Parties

The three main parties all support taxpayers' money being FURTHER diverted to themselves.

Such a move would be a disaster for democracy as new parties would inevitably find it almost impossible to qualify for funds. In support of this supposition I would quote my own experience in pushing for a fair allocation of Party Political Broadcasts immediately following the launch of Veritas and in advance of the past general election. I was informed by the BBC employed Chairman in a meeting attended by representatives of all Britain's broadcasters, that small party PPB allocation was set and static regardless of the number of candidates fielded by our new party.

Had any party fielded candidates in an equal number of constiuencies as the main parties, voting history would nevertheless starve them of the publicity necessary to make such an exercise worthwhile. This incredible situation was being mandated by the representative of a State Broadcaster, whose own funding arrangements were to be subject to review by the incoming administration elected by these same warped rules. The only justification for this ruling seemed solely based on precedent and came without a word of protest from the other broadcasters then present.

What hope then for any equitable distribution of state funds when access to the media during an election campaign can be arbitrarily restricted in such a manner?

I urge UKIP members and others concerned about our lost democracy to visit the Forum on State Funding of political parties from the following link:

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