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Monday, July 17, 2006 

William Hague's disgraceful threats

UKIP members must be looking with amazement at the present goings on in the pretend anti-EU Tory Party. William Hague, once considered a hope for the future of his country even by this blogger, has now resorted to dire threats against any of his party's MEPs who might dare consider fulfilling the pre-election leadership commitment of their vapid leader to leave the EPP.

At least this is not going completely without protest within the degraded and disgraced Conservative Party, as this posting from the Conservative Home Blog's comments section shows:

Hague's Constituency in Yorkshire should call him to a meeting to let him know their views on the EPP.

If Hague is happy to threaten others with deselection for exposing corruption, it would be a good moment to give him a timely reminder than all our representatives depend on the loyalty of their electors, including himself.

The EPP is trying to fix the silence of Conservatives in the Euro Parliament. Hague is cooperating. He needs to feel a little fear so that he connects with the seriousness of the business he is handling.

If he does not withdraw the threat of deselection against Hannan and Helmer, Hague should be placed on notice by his own Constituency that if anyone lays a finger on them, he will be deselected.

Chamberlain's piece of paper was a delaying tactic to enable Britain to prepare for war to save Britain's freedom. Hague's piece of paper is the opposite. He's trying to enforce the silence of his fellow countrymen, and their subjection.

posted by Martin |11:53 AM
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