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Friday, June 02, 2006 

UKIP and the Bromley and Chislehurst by-election.

After reading the following others might agree with my conclusion that UKIP should not run against Mr Chad Noble in Bromley.


Independent Conservative Candidate Seeks To Continue Fight For Eric
Forth's Values In Bromley & Chislehurst

(PRWEB) May 30, 2006 -- Ex-Conservative Party member Chad Noble who
resigned from the party in March this year in protest at the same issues
that caused Eric Forth to question David Cameron whether he was any
longer a Conservative, today detailed his intention to stand in the
Bromley and Chislehurst by-election following the unexpected death of

"As Eric himself directly complained to David Cameron, those who believe
in more grammar schools, immediately lower taxes and higher prosperity
through business are no longer represented by Cameron's Conservative
Party which has taken a deliberate step closer to New Labour's big
government approach.

As an ex-Conservative party member myself, with passionate modernising
and traditional conservative values, it seems that for now, the only way
to be able to promote these values, Eric's values, is outside the Tory
Party itself.

However, we conservatives face a real dilemma; we cannot vote for the
Conservative Party, no matter which candidate they put forward as the
party itself is now opposed to our core values like grammar schools, but
we also do not want to damage conservatism by allowing one of the
opposition small parties with a mission to destroy the Conservative
Party to steal protest votes; the only way forward is for independent
conservative candidates, allied with the overall core conservative
values to emerge, and to work outside but alongside the Tory Party
itself." Noble said.

The Bromley & Chislehurst by-election is likely to be contested by
several centre-right political parties like UKIP, which seek a
parliamentary base to destroy the Conservative Party and hope to
capitalise on the likely protest vote from the vast majority of local
conservatives who wish to see their new MP continuing Eric Forth's
mission for more grammar schools, EU withdrawal, lower taxes and
passionate opposition to any form of positive discrimination or
'positive action' as David Cameron is currently attempting to rebrand it.

It only takes a few minutes on centre-right forums like
to see that the members and supporters of these parties are more
concerned with destroying the Conservative Party than promoting
conservative values, but at a time when those core conservative values
that Eric fought for have been discarded by David Cameron, real
representation is needed. This can only be achieved by an independent
conservative candidate seeking to strengthen the Conservative Party from
the outside in.

"I am the only potential candidate who would ask the people of Bromley &
Chislehurst not to vote for me if a better independent conservative
candidate emerges. This election should be about preserving and building
on Eric's legacy, not egos. If a better independent conservative
candidate, outside the Tory Party or any of the other parties, emerges
who could fight for Eric's values and preserve conservative values
better than me, then I would urge people to vote for them.

Only an independent conservative can achieve this. This is one election
that is about conservative values, Eric's values, not the colour of the
rosette." Noble continued.

"If elected to represent the people of Bromley & Chislehurst as an
independent conservative, I believe that my passionate conservative
values, fighting for a smaller state, immediately lower taxes, more
grammar school, pro-business, anti A-list positive discrimination and
pro EU withdrawal will enable me to influence the Tory Party from the
outside in.

David Cameron has casually discarded core conservative policies like
support for grammar schools in his 'blue labour' drive and so it is
vital that conservatives fight independently to preserve those policies
that we believe in.

81% of Tory party members on the leading Conservative blog are opposed to state funding of political parties,
but not one of the parties standing in this by-election except for me
have pledged to not just oppose but to reject any form of state funding
entitlement. In fact David Cameron, ignoring this massive opposition to
state funding from conservatives, has actually proposed detailed plans
that could effectively national political parties and charge people to
vote. We cannot stand by and allow this to continue.

Rather than represent the huge opposition to these state funding
proposals, even parties like UKIP seem more interested in seeing how
much money they could plunder from the overstretched taxpayer than to
actually represent the views of the people and pledge to reject any
entitlement to state funding.

It would seem that taxpayers money is one thing that these parties never
want less of. In contrast, I believe that MP's are currently overpaid,
and will pledge to donate 25% of my net salary as MP to the TaxPayers'
Alliance, the excellent think-tank fighting for lower taxation and small

As Noble detailed, he is also the only candidate seeking to bring the
people of Bromley and Chislehurst together online to discuss their
issues at to create the most effective means of
debating and resolving their core concerns.

"This is a key by-election for conservatives and conservatism. I urge
all voters not to direct their votes to any of the small centre-right
parties that seek a base to destroy the conservative party but to vote
for an independent conservative candidate who may be out of tune with
Cameron's Conservative Party, but will seek to work with them and
hopefully rejoin their ranks in the future when their agenda moves back
closer to the traditional conservative values that Eric fought so
passionately for.

I believe that I have that passion and strength of character to do this,
but it is essential that we all work to fight for conservatism and not
use Cameron's move away from traditional conservative values to offer
any inroads for parties like UKIP than only seek to destroy
conservatism. We need a candidate independent from the conservative
party, and for Eric's sake, I urge the people of Bromley and Chislehurst
to vote on values not rosettes.

Bromley & Chislehust needs a strong, independent conservative voice to
ensure that Eric's values are preserved. Only an independent
conservative can achieve this, and I believe that I am that independent


posted by Martin |8:22 AM
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