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Friday, June 02, 2006 

I really don't want to go here again....BUT REALLY!!!!

Most will have noticed this blog has been quiet of late. One or two posts per month and that was it.

Life was calm and tranquil - but now Nigel Farage is to run in Bromley and repeatedly readers keep hitting on the blog!

So, I surfed and what did I find ......aaaaaarrrrrrggh! Page after page of vituperation!

Faint hope was provided from a Times Online article of 7th May, linked here,
the two opening paragraphs of which tells me that perhaps the MSM are at least taking note of the shame:

THE leader of the anti-immigration UK Independence party (UKIP) has imported cheap east European labourers to renovate his West Country mansion.

Roger Knapman, an MEP and UKIP’s leader since 2002, hired Polish workers through his son, who runs a company that specialises in bringing foreign labour to Britain.

The anti-EU movement now seems more dysfunctional than the Home Office - and isn't that just about saying it all?

posted by Martin |9:16 PM
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