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Friday, June 09, 2006 

English Democrats name Bromley by-election candidate

Steven Uncles, long active at the heart of the English Democrat Party has been named as their candidate for the 29th June by-election.

The party has recently strengthened its anti-EU stance as we reported on 30th March in a posting regarding the UKIP Leadership, linked from here. Not disconnected from that later contest it will be interesting to see the relative perormances of Nigel Farage MEP and Steven Uncles in the by-election vote.

Mr Uncles a married man of seventeen years will have the undoubted advantage of no recent News of the World article (nor other such baggage as reported on this blog) trailing in his wake, the existence of which has made Farage's nomination by UKIP a complete mystery to many eurorealists. We posted on that scandal on 31st January, linked here, and the newspaper column itself will presumably be much in circulation during the campaign.

The official announcement of Mr Uncles candidature may be found on the English Democrats website, linked here, which is quoted below:


Steven Uncles Parliamentary Candidate - Bromley & Chisehurst English Democrats

The English Democrats have selected Steven Uncles as their parliamentary candidate to stand in the By-election to be held in Bromley & Chistlehurst Constituency on 29th June 2006. Steven Uncles is 42 years old, married with two children, and lives in Wilmington, Kent. He has run Small Businesses in Healthcare & IT, and is currently working as an Interim Manager.

He attended Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School, and played Rugby for several years at a Club located in the Borough of Bromley.

Having been brought up in the neighbouring Borough of Bexley, Steven is well aware that many residents of Bromley & Bexley regard themselves as being in part of the traditional county of Kent, even though the constituency was made part of Greater London in 1963. Mindful of large increases in Council Tax (13+%) imposed by Ken Livingstone and consistent with the English Democrats' policy of maintaining traditional English counties, Steven believes that a local referendum should be held to determine whether people in Bromley & Bexley wish to return to Kent (Council Tax increase 2006-2007 4.5%)

Prior to becoming involved with the English Democrats, Steven was not politically active. By 2003, he had become aware that 'something needed to be done for England' and joined the English Democrats Party shortly after attending its second AGM in Greenwich in the Autumn of 2003.

Steven stood in the South East Region in the 2004 Elections for the EU Parliament when he attracted 29,000 votes. He is an English Democrats National Council Member and also co-ordinates activity in the South East of England.

As with all current English Democrats National Council members, Steven contributes his time purely on a voluntary basis.


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