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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

Letter to The Times

The Times April 20, 2006 (Linked here)

BNP: beyond the fringes

Sir, The report that one in four people is considering voting for the BNP party says more about the Conservative Party than about Labour (report, April 17). There are many critics of new Labour’s apparent laissez faire attitude about immigration, none more so that the indigenous people of Britain.

Where once we had a choice — if a political party had been in power for some years and had run its course, we could then vote the other party in to balance things up — we now have all three parties congregating in the centre. Just when we need a right-of-centre party which has an effective immigration policy, is tough on crime and stands up for its people, the Tories decide to clone themselves into “new Conservatives” and shuffle along to the left. Even though David Cameron is witnessing the unravelling of new Labour, he still insists on aping it. People are going to put their crosses in the box where his party should be — a box which, unfortunately, is now occupied by the BNP and UKIP.

Bromley, Kent
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posted by Martin | 6:48 PM
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