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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

GLW turns on Farage

I have received a copy of a lengthy rant purported to have appeared on the EUrorealist website.

It certainly bears all the hallmarks of a Greg Lance Watkins ramble, many of which are quoted in full on this blog.

I will not quote it in full as I cannot be sure it might not have been edited before arriving at this present UKIP backwater. The following passage which comes towards the end of the diatribe, seems accurate and representative and is therefore worth quoting:

> It is time UKIP was restored to probity and transparency and its MEPs
understood they have a debt to the Party and a duty to 16.5% of the electorate
who lent their votes to UKIP on a single core message of GET BRITAIN BACK.
People did not vote for individuals however much your collective egos may not
wish to believe the truth – they voted for the message, for UKIP and for the
hard work 1,000s of UKIP supporters did to GET BRITAIN BACK – not to make any of
you think you are important nor to enrich any of you – EVERY VOTE that was lent
to UKIP was for the core message GET BRITAIN BACK.
> So now is the time to dump those who seek to enrich themselves or be
important, it is time for us to hear your apology for your outrageous behaviour
and it is time to put the accounts on an honest footing. It is also time that
MEPs started to act with some integrity accountable to the Party that gave them
the job.

NEC members or UKIP Branch Managers who have not seen the whole posting with its many startling allegations can contact this blog and I will forward the entire text, without guarantee as to its authenticity

posted by Martin |8:35 PM
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