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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

Cameron's Error

The Daily Telegraph's leading article this morning calls on David Cameron to apologise to UKIP. It may be read in full from this link, the following are what I consider the main points:

"Some UKIP members are no doubt mad and bad. So are some Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat members....."

"Rather than a strategic move, it is more likely that Mr Cameron's remark was an off-the-cuff expression of what he considers a normal and unobjectionable view. This bodes ill for the cause of the Conservative Party at the next election. Westminster types, to be sure, may regard single-issue fringe parties as strange fruit, a distraction from the task of gaining the "centre ground" and so winning power. But it is precisely this sneering indifference to people's passionate concerns that makes them so fed up with politics. The Tory leader should apologise."

The contents of this blog provide ample evidence of individual dottiness and suspect backgrounds (some as in the case of their leader, Roger Knapman, by association with right wing Tory groups) but to suggest the entire party are closet racists is totally unacceptable. I would never have joined the party and offered to stand as a candidate had I believed there was the slightest element of truth in such a claim!

UKIP was important in the past because of the Conservative Party's betrayal of their country AND particularly their party's membership over the Common Market, the EEC and now the European Union. UKIP is important today and for the immediate future because the several faced David Cameron won the Conservative Party leadership.

posted by Martin |9:20 AM
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