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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

After Birmingham.....Newton Abbot - Is this a Party going National?

The following is from the minutes of the last NEC meeting as appearing on the UKIP website:

The major item for discussion was the future of party offices. With its limited finances, the Party needs to seek efficiencies. Party Treasurer Andrew Smith gave a cogently argued report, based on discussions in the Chairman’s Committee. Differing views were expressed, but the final decision was to move the administrative head office to Lexdrum House (Newton Abbot), if agreement can be reached with the staff there and on a sub-letting arrangement. Ashford office will cease entirely to be a telephone call centre, and will become an IT Centre for a temporary period as required, to update and enhance the Party’s database management.

Limited finances????? Daniel Hannan in the Sunday Telegraph recently estimated each Euro MEP gets one million pounds for his party. UKIP MEPs at the last election reckoned their posts were worth even more! Where is the money going?

UKIP could be doing so much, but achieves so little. A new leader could change all. Nominations are now open for an election in September.....surely UKIP members must realise they could now finally make a difference.

posted by Martin |6:34 PM
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