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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

UKIP resumes its relevance! Now for a New Leader.

Vapid Cameron's election to lead the Tories, who are now clearly in terminal decline (see recent posts on Teetering Tories linked here) puts the pressure and the opportunity back on the UK Independence Party.

Roger Knapman's term of office as leader of the party will shortly expire.

A golden opportunity now exists in British politics for an effective replacement.

A huge section of the electorate, particularly in England, now have no natural home in the apparently progressive and Scots led three main parties.

The English are at the same time disenfranchised in their own parliament as the English Democrats are so ably and successfully making clear!

Postings to this blog, which have recently faltered, could again become more frequent - should readership, which has surprisingly remained at a high and steady level, continue to indicate increasing interest in a party that should by rights, by now have been finished!

posted by Martin |8:01 PM
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