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Saturday, December 10, 2005 

EU Budget

By far the most important matter facing the country this weekend is the dispute over the future EU Budget.

How depressing therefore to enter that phrase into the Google UK News search engine and find the only mention in today's media is this from The Guardian and a report from yesterday from Reuters. The weakness of Blair's negotiating strategy against the French agricultural subsidies is contained in this direct quote from Blair "No. I can't agree a deal that doesn't allow the possibility of fundamental review."

In trying to update myself on the UKIP situation in order to put forward some hopefully constructive thoughts on the way ahead for the more general euro-sceptic movement I was depressed to find that the old jobs for the boys tendency within the party has continued recently with the appointment of new party member (but according to the UKIP Watch blog - apparently old Knapman mate) David Campbell Bannerman, as party chairman. This combined with the resignation or apparent departure from the NEC of Tony Scholefield, one of the few original thinkers among that group will make the radical change of direction that clearly needs to be made by the party even more difficult to achieve.

The outcome of the budget debate and whether or not the crisis will continue all the way to the EU Parliament will be crucial in determining the best way forward for the party within the EU.

Whether or how the Conservative MEPs are ever withdrawn from the EPP as promised by Vapid Cameron will similarly be a significant factor. I will follow that situation on Teetering Tories

posted by Martin |8:57 AM
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