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Thursday, December 08, 2005 

Britain's EU Rebate sacrifice ends the need for the UK?

Maggie Thatcher was hospitalised overnight having been reported as feeling faint. Hardly surprising in view of Blair's pretty well unconditional offer to abandon part of her hard won rebate - an offer that unsurprisingly was immediately targeted as insufficient on the Continent particularly by France.

I had believed and argued from this blog, that it was imperative the UK hold together in the fight for our sovereignty against the EU. The abandonment of the rebate and the take over of the main opposition party by a man with apparently little belief in anything seems to condemn the UK to certain future irrelevance.

Consequently a total rethink of the role and strategy of the UK Independence Party is now required. I will be exploring alternatives and various different ideas on these pages over the next few days.

posted by Martin |8:17 AM
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