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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 

Last chance for Democracy!

Howard has been thwarted and Democracy has one last chance in Britain! Read one report from here.

I again suggest, as all my blogs urged upon UKIP or Veritas voters and members (immediately following the May general election fiasco), that anyone believing in democracy and individual liberties - has now no choice but to register as a member of the clearly shoddy and talentless Conservative Party in order to have a real democratic input as to the future leader of the UK.

This earlier recommendation has been enforced and further vindicated by the decision of the Tory's to leave the vote for the next leader with the broader party membership, contrary to the policy of the Conservative hierarchy and the lamentable Michael Howard whose unopposed annointment immediately guaranteed another New Labour term of office. (My blog Teetering Tories chronicled the stitch up and forecast the outcome on a regular basis and may be revisited by clicking here).

posted by Martin |8:58 PM
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