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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

UKIP's Pro-EU Spoiling Tactics Continue

The latest in the UKIP leadership's strategy to undermine candidates genuinely believing in Britain's withdrawal from the non-democratic superstate is their fielding of an unknown candidate to stand against the well known Tony Bennett from Veritas who ran a strong campaign in Harlow at the last election, and had already made a strong start against the declared EU federalists from the three main parties - as may be read from here.

Is it not time for the craven Branch Chairmen of UKIP, who stood idly by as party democracy was destroyed before their eyes in the bitter Kilroy/Knapman leadership dispute of the past several months, to now step up and demand a halt to this ongoing stupidity.....Or do they, like the paid UKIP employees and their troughing MEPs, now really believe that the EU is a fine and profitable thing, and that life at the trough is pretty damn cosy - just like the three main British political parties?

Who can deny UKIP's present tactics can only work in the interests of the EU? And how can they be justified?

Where is the UKIP inside whistleblower who will step up and reveal the truth behind the continuing series of bizarre decisions that throughout UKIP's history always leave the party inadequately challenging for Westminster representation?

Time is short for there now to be any prospect for the renewal of our country's sovereignty.

Another victory for the EU-fanatical, authoritarian and anti-democratic New Labour party will almost certainly entrench EU control so deeply into the fabric of Britain that any return will become practically impossible! Only three weeks are now left!

posted by Martin |7:12 PM
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