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Sunday, April 17, 2005 

UKIP's Manifesto Launch

The most extensive and best coverage seems to have been in the Financial Times, linked here, from which this is a quote:-

"Try as hard as he did to sound like a British bulldog, Mr Knapman gave a characteristically lacklustre performance, while Petrina Holds-worth, party chairman, looked and sounded pure Women's Institute.

It was left to the more dynamic Nigel Farage, the UKIP's European parliamentary leader, to give some spark, tackling the more awkward issues confronting his party. Mr Farage, who claimed responsibility for recruiting Mr Kilroy-Silk in the first place, acknowledged yesterday that the former TV presenter had helped to raise the party's profile."

And, therefore, again we ask just who is running in Folkestone where Howard could so easily be unseated - none other than the 'pure Women's Institute, Petrina Holdsworth' - insanity or delberately contrived treachery to the party's claimed cause? If not that then WHY?

More on this conundrum may be read on this morning's first posting to Veritas Straight Talk, linked here.

posted by Martin |10:00 AM
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