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Saturday, April 09, 2005 

UKIP's Candidate in Erewash - Naive, Nuts or Nasty?

Mr Geoffrey Kingscott is the UKIP candidate for Erewash according to the UKIP web site. Mr Kingscott's telephone number is listed on that party's website and may be reached by clicking here (you may need to enter Erewash in the search field).

Why not give Mr Kingscott a call and inquire why he feels that he might stand a better chance of winning the election in Erewash rather than Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP, who brought victory to 12 UKIP MEPS last June, went to the Strasbourg Parliament and demanded our country back(a slogan now emblazoned across the UKIP home page), was repeatedly rebuffed by UKIP when wishing to take the fight directly to the other parties in Hodge Hill, Hartlepool etc., and in final frustration was forced to form his own EU withdrawalist party.

If there is one constituency in the country where there is a real chance of a euro-sceptic party candidate victory, one firmly espousing the withdrawalist cause, it surely must lie with Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP in Erewash.

What then does this Geoffrey Kingscott and the UKIP leaders who are supporting his candidature think they are playing at? If you belong to UKIP - contact them and find out! NOW

Next week will be too late!

Why do UKIP constantly seem to wish to prevent any euro-sceptic MPs ever sitting in Westminster?

posted by Martin |4:45 PM
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