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Monday, April 11, 2005 

UKIP vs Veritas AGAIN!

From my e-mail inbox it is pretty clear that many ordinary UKIP and Veritas party members see the insanity of the two parties competing in different constituencies up and down the country on 5th May.

Why is it proving so difficult for the likes of David Lott, Petrina Holdsworth, Robert Kilroy-Silk and Roger Knapman to face up to the likely lunatic consequences of their presently intended course?

Even Nigel Farage on yesterday's 'Frost on Sunday' had the grace to admit that Kilroy had done wonders for UKIP. The report in The Scotsman on that broadcast is linked from the posting below.

My earlier suggestions of a national pact, local understandings etc., having seemingly so far been ignored, let me, therefore, make yet another proposal to these parties' leaders:-

Kilroy's strength in the European elections and the thrust of the Veritas General Election campaign is likely to be in the East Midlands. Ukip should agree to stand aside in that particular area giving Veritas the opportunity to maximise their efforts and resources in those constituencies.

In return Veritas will ask its candidates outside the East Midlands to stand-down, contribute their set aside resources to the East Midlands campaign and maximise the anti-EU effort for the benefit of all.

I cannot imagine the thinking electorate seriously considering a vote for either of these parties on polling day if they have been seen to compete against one another during the campaign. I doubt either party will ever recover credibility with that electorate either in national or european contests for years to come.

posted by Martin |7:33 PM
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