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Thursday, April 07, 2005 

Two Parties out of Three Say NO to any Electoral Pact - Shame on Them!

Naturally I directed my request for an electoral pact (read below) to the senior leadership of all three parties concerned. I received a pretty immediate positive response from the leadership of the English Democrats, followed by a polite but curt and definite NO from the Deputy Leader of the UK Independence Party, Mr Mike Nattrass. This latter reply was remarkably similar in reasoning to the equally negative response that came from a senior member of my own party, Veritas.

It is therefore now up to the UKIP and Veritas membership in the individual constituencies across the country to prevent this madness. UKIP members denied their own chance to resolve the bitter and acrimonious leadership dispute by the constitutional means of an EGM should impress on their local candidates where clashes arise that they and their often ex-colleagues now in Veritas should jointly decide which is the best candidate to proceed with nomination while the other is prevailed upon to stand aside. How many prospective candidates could really relish fighting a campaign with no helpers on a platform identical to that of another candidate?

The 630 odd individual contests that make up this general election are just that - local and independent. Each depends on volunteers which in the anti-EU, pro-democratic cause will mainly be drawn from party members within the UKIP and Veritas. These ignored patriots, now have the power to halt this pointless and destructive competition in their own constituencies but only during the next few short days!

posted by Martin |9:51 AM
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