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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 

Not Much News on UKIP

Very little to report on UKIP today. Please visit my blog Veritas Straight Talk for a report on the coverage gained by Robert Kilroy-Silk for Veritas during the day. That is likely to be the more active of my blogs during the campaign so why not click here and add it to your favourites or bookmarks.

The URL is

The full Veritas Manifesto which will be launched in Westminster next Thursday is now available from the party's website and may be read from here.

Impressive I thought especially the opening quoted below with my own enlarged emphasis in red:-

Our Manifesto is based on our two core beliefs:

(1)We must be able to govern ourselves as an independent nation.

(2) We must maintain and protect our personal and constitutional freedoms, for which many have fought and died over the centuries.

Neither belief is compatible with continued membership of the European Union.

All our policies are therefore based on our intention to leave the EU immediately.

posted by Martin |6:26 PM
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