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Saturday, April 16, 2005 


Further evidence of a UKIP plot to sabotage Veritas comes from their decision - announced on the UKIP website earlier this week, and confirmed this week by the 'Harlow Star' - to put up a certain Mr John Felgate against Tony Bennett, who is standing for Veritas in Harlow.

Bennett announced his candidacy several weeks ago and has received excellent local coverage.
Well-known after having lived in the town for 27 years and having worked for 10 years as its Principal Welfare Rights Officer, helping thousands to claim extra benefits, Bennett managed 1,223 votes (3.0%) at the last General Election - in UKIP's top 10% results in 2001 - and had realistic hopes of increasing that vote.

The decision of UKIP to run John Felgate in Harlow confirms other examples nationwide of UKIP deliberately placing their candidates in seats in Staffordshire and elsewhere, where it has become known that Veritas has already announced candidates.

The decision of UKIP to run steam train enthusiast Geoffrey Kingscott against Robert Kilroy-Silk is a classic example. Kingscott was famously quoted by the local press in the European election campaign as saying: "I hate leafleting".

The really curious, even sinister, point about Felgate running in Harlow is that he lives in the constituency of Hertfordshire North-East, in Hitchin. Neither UKIP nor Veritas is fielding a candidate there. One must therefore question the motives for attempting to split the eurosceptic vote in Harlow and denying the voters of North-East Hertfordhsire a chance to vote for a eurosceptic candidate.

There are several other Hertfordshire constituencies where no Veriats nor UKIP candidate will be standing.

Harlow is in Essex. So UKIP has failed to put up Felgate in any of those constituencies in Hertfordshire in order to try to undercut Bennett's vote in Harlow.

The true face of UKIP is revealed by the case of 'Felgategate'. UKIP, it may be remembered, is the Party that has frequently run on the slogan: 'It's time to put country before Party'.

Oh yes?

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