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Friday, April 15, 2005 

Farage's Funking Folkestone Finally Proves UKIP's Treachery

Think about it. Why is Nigel Farage MEP, once again UKIP's most effective political weapon since Kilroy's defection, not running against Michael Howard in Folkestone where the Tory Leader's slim majority could so easily be overturned. Think again of the running away from Hodge Hill and Hartlepool even after last Junes fantastic success, think of all the other opportunities where Nigel Farage might have succeeded in winning a Westminster seat - all refused.

There is still time for Nigel Farage to get his nomination in at Folkestone to replace the unknown and electorally pathetic Petrina Holdsworth - if he does not UKIP members must surely finally accept that they are being betrayed by their own party!

posted by Martin |8:15 AM
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