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Saturday, April 30, 2005 

A Conspiracy (continued).

If there is one seat in the West Country upon which UKIP should have concentrated, in my opinion, it is that of Oliver Letwin. I spent several weeks in his constituency during the run-up to the campaign so I know of what I speak!

Letwin could easily have been unseated with a concentratedl UKIP effort - especially given the 2001 understanding between the local Labour Party and the Lib Dems in Dorset *evidence of which appeared on the Lib Dem internet site) looking likely to be repeated this time around, .

And yet?

Look at this pathetic plea from the Dorset UKIP representative that may be found on their 'so-called' activists public internet forum:

"If anyone wants to give us a hand next Saturday, we will be in South Street Dorchester giving out balloons and literature between 11am & 1pm.

Our two UKIP candidates, Linda Guest and Richard Frampton Hobbs (West and North Dorset) will be at Bryanston School, Blandford, Dorset next Saturday morning (7 am) for the Today programme. I hope they get a chance to speak.

I know North Dorset need a hand as well. They have a good chance there of getting rid of that well known europhile Tory, Robert Walter. Leave a message in my message box if anyone wants to help, and I will put you in touch."

This from a party drawing millions in revenues from the EU which it supposedly exists to destroy..................the connection must by now surely becoming obvious!!!!!!

posted by Martin |8:39 PM
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