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Sunday, March 27, 2005 

Is Holdsworth about to do a Rankin?

The 2001 General Election was supposed to see Aidan Rankin, largely responsible for the UKIP Manifesto, standing against the then Tory leader William Hague in Richmond, Yorkshire as may be confirmed by visiting this UKIP link.

In the event, Dr Rankin inexplicably failed to present his nomination papers and William Hague was able to run unopposed by UKIP. Is that kind of reprieve what the present UKIP Chairman, whose every action since taking office has seemed designed to promote the interests of the EU, has now got in mind to aid Michael Howard in Folkestone? After all Howard's majority is slimmer and UKIP's profile thanks to Robert Kilroy-Silk now much enhanced!

I would therefore not be at all surprised if a last minute withdrawal were suddenly to arise.

Even more reason for true Eurosceptic Independents or perhaps Veritas to position their own candidates and ensure their nominations papers are correctly and promptly submitted. Likewise in West Dorset where Oliver Letwin could quite easily be toppled and prevented from further advancing EU integration while constantly proclaiming his personal opposition to the superstate. Can either of these two be persuaded to sign the British Declaration of Independence and perhaps legitimately fend off a eurosceptic challenge? (For more information on that project click here).

EU Facts Figures and Phantasies in 2001 summarised Dr Rankin's antics from a report in 'Notes from the Borderland" which may be ordered by visiting this link. The section is quoted below for ease of reference:-


A remarkable 24 page expose of the trials and tribulations of Britain's anti-EU movements has appeared in the investigative journal "Notes from the Borderland" . This traces infiltration by agents of MI 5/6 often using extreme-right infiltrators. The report is the result of detailed and extensive research, all fully documented and referenced and the principal players are named.

It covers MI5's operation against the Referendum Party, deals with the Cook Report, Alan Sked, Nigel Farage, Michael Holmes, Greg Lance-Watkins, Bee Carthew, Christopher Skeate, Heather Conyngham, as well as Nick Griffin and John Tyndall of the BNP. It shows how the EU, through the European Movement, is fully informed of all anti-EU activities. It establishes the truth of Norman Tebbit's claim that MI6 had infiltrated UKIP.

In its final page it deals with the astounding appointment, to help write the UKIP's manifesto, of an avowed pro-EU writer, Aidan Rankin. Would it be "stupid if MI6 (for the sake of argument) arranged for an opponent of EU withdrawal to write the UKIP manifesto, and stand for a high-profile seat (against Hague in Richmond) and then not submit nomination papers?" It continues "However is it not incomprehensible beyond belief that a man with views like these (detailed) should then be employed by UKIP on a six-month contract to write their election manifesto ..?" "We do have a question which readers will hopefully share. Who exactly in UKIP hired this destructive clown and why?"

All of us need to know the answer!

Notes from the Borderland, Issue 4, costs £3 (cheque to 'Larry O'Hara' )
from: NFB, BM Box 4769 London WC1N 3XX

posted by Martin |3:38 PM
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