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Wednesday, February 23, 2005 

UKIP Deputy Leader's Response to London Assembly Resignations

The following exchanges have been passed to the blog editor, who shares them for the valuable insight into the attitude of the UKIP Deputy Leader. If Roger Knapman does indeed stand down and Petrina Holdsworth replaces him as rumoured and reported on the blog yesterday - the party can at least be relieved they have been spared the leadership of Mike Nattrass the present deputy - what would the media make of comments such as these?

Subject: RE: SUCKERS and Screwloose.

Dear Mr Screwloose Scholefield,

We have Christened Hockney "THE HOOVER" because he is taking all the rubbish with him, please confirm you will be picked up by this sucker and screw loose.

This is the best thing that has happened yet to UKIP in 2005 and a meeting on the 9th Feb, after you have gone, is so much more logical.

No one in the West Midlands (except one in Mid Worcs,who I do not know) hasleft. We have 37 candidates plus a further 10 looking for seats and more beinginterviewed for our 59 Constituencies and whilst Mr Special K and Mr Hoover have caused a laugh they have not caused any problem. However like Chicken Little you think that something large fell on your head and I suggest you go to see a shrink about it.

Please cross me off your e mail list.

I wish you every sucker excess in your new position.

Love and kisses MIKE

The above response was apparently in reply to a rather reasonable e-mail from UKIP NEC member Anthony Scholefield to the party chairman which was as follows:-

Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 15:57:17 +0000
To: Petrina Holdsworth
cc: NEC

Petrina, Your email of 31st regarding postponement of the NEC meeting raises somepoints:

1. David Lott's visit to Australia. The point is that the NEC were not told that he was to be away when it voted to appoint him Campaign director. Members might still have so appointed him but it was wrong that they were not informed. They are made to look out of touch - again.

2. It is baffling why the NEC was postponed at 18 hours' notice and dependedon everybody reading their emails the following morning. Surely we were awarethat some NEC members could not make the meeting at a much earlier date? Whendid they inform the Chairman? Did not some NEC members book rail tickets inadvance?

3. Regardless of the absentees, it would have been an opportunity to address
the question of the leadership, the hoax email, legal matters and consider how many branches and PPC's have disappeared.

Anthony Scholefield

posted by Martin |10:20 AM
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