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Wednesday, February 02, 2005 

Sorry for the delayed posting:


The posting today is considerably later than usual..... but there was a real eurosceptic party to launch. It is of course called Veritas, it will be led by Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP with the Deputy Leader being Damian Hockney Leader of Veritas in the London Assembly and Chaired by Richard Vass formerly with the New Party from where we have also obtained our Chief Executive Dr Jonathan Lockhart. Full details of posts and policy spokesmen and spokeswomen willbe posted on a linked Veritas site in due course.

I have had the honour to have been appointed Chief of Staff to Robert Kilroy-Silk, so my postings will necessarily be less frequent. I assure all regular readers of all my blogs that I will be working just as hard, but more directly, for what I see as the best interests of Britain.

Please consider joining Veritas, the website is linked here and the telephone number where you can enroll or inquire further is 0870 428 0087.

The website for Veritas is again, the live link is above.

posted by Martin |5:19 PM
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