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Saturday, February 19, 2005 

Shamed Councillor joins UKIP

The following is taken from the Manchester Online News linked here.

FORMER city councillor Damien O'Connor, who left the Labour Party in
disgrace after being convicted of fraud, is to stand as a UK
Independence Party candidate.

He was convicted of housing benefit fraud in 2000 and later resigned
from the Labour Party to form the Independent Progressive Labour Party
but refused to step down from Manchester City Council. He lost his
Newton Heath seat to Labour in 2003.

He is now standing as UKIP's parliamentary candidate for Manchester Central.

Mr O'Connor, a Newton Heath resident, was selected by UKIP in the week
ex-chat show host Robert Kilroy Silk quit the party which he labelled "a


Kilroy Silk, also a former Labour politician, had his BBC TV show axed
after an article he wrote for a newspaper criticising Arabs was
condemned as racist.

Mr O'Connor said: "I joined UKIP because of its focus on saving the
pound and bringing decision-making as close to the local community as

Mr O'Connor, who will stand in the forthcoming General Election expected
to take place in May, began his campaign by claiming that proposals for
housing developments in the Ardwick and Longsight areas could cost lives.

He suggested that as many as eight elderly people have died as a result
of stress suffered during the implementation of similar developments in
Manchester operated under the government's private/public partnership
PFI (private finance initiative) scheme.

He said: "It is absolutely vital that we listen to the concerns of local

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