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Tuesday, February 22, 2005 

Is Roger Knapman a Quitter?

Rumours circulating widely among UKIP members in the South West of England have it that party leader Roger Knapman is tiring of the constant criticisms and defections to Veritas and is planning to stand down immediately following any prompt General Election.

Incredibly enough, hot tip to replace him is the recently unknown Party Chairman Petrina Holdsworth who would seem to have done nothing to prove she has the necessary political astuteness since taking over from David Lott a few months ago.

Some credence can be given to such a suggestion however, as it would tie in with the normal strategy of Nigel Farage MEP, who likes to control the party from the sidelines by appointing weak and inept leaders. Ms Holdworth would seem to have all the qualities necessary to step smoothly into the shoes of Roger Knapman in that respect.

We will cover developments on the blog and hope to report more fully on a circular UKIP members in the Midlands received asking if the recipients are still within the party or indeed plan to continue their membership!

posted by Martin |10:43 AM
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