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Monday, January 24, 2005 

Who has betrayed June's UKIP Voters?

The letter reproduced at the end of this posting appeared in last Saturday's Independent newspaper and might at first brush seem to make a reasonable case. Any careful thought shows the argument to be a complete nonsense however. Similar types of comments were published in the letters page of The Guardian, a co-incidence? I think not! The reply which was sent to The Independent by Edward Spalton quickly dispels any notion that it is Robert Kilroy-Silk who has betrayed UKIP voters of last June. He plans to fight for all he said he believed last June AND take that fight into Westminster!

Subject: Kilroy is Here


Dr Chris Gordon questions the morality of Robert Kilroy Silk's continuing as an MEP since he left UKIP. He may not realise that, in the East Midlands, UKIP ran the Conservatives very close for second place with Labour trailing at third.

The UKIP vote was the highest in the country because Kilroy was here. Without his intervention, it is quite possible that Derek Clark, the second on the party list, would not have gained a seat at all.

Mr. Kilroy Silk has not changed his principles nor the platform he stood on. He has simply got fed up with the spiteful, lacklustre cabal which runs UKIP and has sat on its Brussels expense accounts in self-congratulatory mode since June.

I was a UKIP candidate at the 1999 European elections and, along with about 300 other activists, left the party for very similar reasons in 2000. I see that Frederick Forsyth and Lord Deramore believe that UKIP has been infiltrated by Her Majesty's spooks. Two such specimens were identified in 2000 on the balance of probabilities.

Such infiltration is probably the reason why the UKIP leadership is targeting Tory Eurosceptics at the general election. Both UKIP's leader, Roger Knapman, and Tony Blair want to fight the constitutional referendum on the false prospectus "in or out of the EU". The congruence is too marked to be entirely coincidental.

Yours faithfully,

Edward Spalton

The letter that sparked this response was as follows:-

The Independent, 22nd January 2005

MEP morals

Sir: I was under the impression that elections to the European Parliament were by proportional representation and therefore votes were cast for the party rather than the individual.

As Mr Robert Kilroy-Silk has resigned the whip of UKIP (report, 21 January) and stories suggest he may leave and start his own party, it is interesting to speculate whether he has either the moral or legal right to remain an MEP.

Bredbury, Stockport

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