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Monday, January 17, 2005 

UKIP Split summarised in The Scotsman

The newspaper that likes to be first with eurosceptic news items does it again with this comprehensive review of the latest UKIP developments which may be read from here.

(I wonder if they read this blog?)

In an apparent quote from the 'World at One' radio broadcast earlier today, although not quoting Kilroy the paper includes these comments from Petrina Holdsworth the UKIP Chairman:-

Miss Holdsworth said she had warned Mr Kilroy-Silk not to use party membership lists to canvass for support as this might breach the Data Protection Act, and not to use UKIP’s purple and yellow colours in any new party’s symbols.

She insisted UKIP was not afraid of a haemorrhage of support to a party led by Mr Kilroy-Silk.

“Obviously, nobody wants a rival party at this stage of the electoral cycle,” she said. “It would be very unwise in terms of getting the eurosceptic vote out.

“But we represent the proper eurosceptic vote. A new party would not be helpful to us, but I would doubt that it could really get off the ground and pose a real threat to us.

The BBC website also has a brief report which may be read from here.

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