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Monday, January 24, 2005 

UKIP Resignations


Having been someone who was sat on the fence over the issue of a leadership challenge, for me the question of democracy rises above all else, and it is why I initially joined UKIP. Our democracy is being eroded and we face a very grave time ahead with further integration into
Europe, so it is with a deep and disturbing dissatisfaction that I announce my resignation as a Bolton Branch Press Officer and as a member of the UK Independence Party. As a disaffected Committee Member who had tried so hard and worked hard for the party and our Bolton Branch members I feel I can no longer support a party which uses intimidation.

After listening to Roger Knapmans response to my own comments on BBCs Radio 4 Today’s Programme (Friday 21st) about my concerns over the running of the party and then listening to his remarks about "cracking open the champagne" when talking about Mr Robert Kilroy Silk's
resignation I would like to remind him first of his own quotes which were originally a quote taken from Ghandi ."First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"

Having also had discussions with Petrina Holdsworth UKIP NEC Chair on the intimidation on Bolton Branch Committee members and the treatment from regional offices with regards the illegal suspension then winding up of the branch and UKIP Press Office, who also falsely claimed the branch was suspended, I have decided that I will now resign my position as Branch Press Officer and Committee member.

Looking ahead I will look forward to fighting along side those who are passionate about Britain’s interests, promoting real policies democratically constituted by real people who actually care about their members and constituents, supported by a real leader within a real party that will effectively lead us with a genuine foresight and actually listen to the members of their party.

Ian Upton

Former Press Officer to John Whittaker MEP, Bolton Branch Press Officer & Bolton Branch Committee Member

posted by Martin |5:15 PM
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