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Monday, January 31, 2005 

A UKIP PPC Resignation Statement

This statement confirms my intention to resign from the committee of U.K.I.P. Mid-Worcestershire branch .I also have to inform you, that I will no longer be standing as U.K.I.P's P.C. for this constituency . Though I doubt you will be concerned my reasons are as follows:-
1 Under the leadership of this party U.K.I.P. has failed miserably to publicise countless serious issues that have been forced on the U.K. public by the labour government in our own country & the E.U.
2 I have no confidence in the current leadership, not only is Mr Knapman unable to perform well in a T.V. interview [free publicity with the greatest audience], but he has refused to accept R.K.S. could & would have been competent to capitalise & exploit all forms of the media coverage. By missing this important point Mr Knapman has selfishly denied U.K.I.P. a very valuable asset and as a result will surely have lost his chance to serve OUR country to his best endeavour.
3 During the Exeter strategy & training event last Friday & Saturday , we as P.Cs. were plainly told that the leadership has no confidence in us , this was manifested wholly demoralising & negative statement that you the leadership only expect to gain 5-6 seats in the coming election and therefore intend channelling all of OUR parties resources into YOUR regions clearly we now know the reasons for the absent manifesto.

posted by Martin |10:28 AM
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