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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 

UKIP Members Outraged as their Chairman urges party's best asset to GO!

Has there ever been a party in the history of politics that publicly urges any of its members to depart. Never for sure has there been an instance when the same is urged upon the most high-profile and successful vote-gatherer in probably any parties' history.

Extraordinarily that is what UKIP's clearly floundering novice Chairman Petrina Holdsworth managed yesterday, both by broadcast and press release. Where were the leaders of UKIP in all this furore, particularly the two principal plotters whose own self-interest, personal ambition, ineptitude and complete lack of concern for the cause they supposedly espouse has brought their party to this sorry pass?!

Roger Knapman and Nigel Farage have yet to utter a single word, as far as I have been able to find, on the spectacle of their Chairman calling for the resignation of the party's best known member with neither authority or discussion within the party's governing body the NEC, nor support from across the country where growing numbers of branches and members are daily rallying to the cause of Robert Kilroy-Silk, if this blogs e-mail inbox is any kind of reliable guide.

What about the other MEPs whose seats in the Strasbourg Parliament can be directly attributed to the popularity and talents of Robert Kilroy-Silk? Silence.

I invite those MEPs and NEC members to use this blog to inform the broader membership exactly where they each stand in this tussle between the leadership cabal and the broader party membership. A dispute which is being wrongly portrayed in the media as a one man tussle between Robert Kilroy-Silk and the Party. This is a dispute, led by RKS against the corrupt leadership of UKIP who are betraying the cause for which the membership joined!

posted by Martin |11:03 AM
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