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Sunday, January 16, 2005 

UKIP Kaput - Knapman Kaput

I made one of my infrequent visits to the UKIP forum this afternoon and enjoyed this early report from the UKIP Exeter Candidates weekend posted by Algypug (they use strange names over there!):

Dick Morris - Appears like an American evangelical preacher. Much of what he says makes perfect sense, however, he got it horribly wrong on friday, when he was waxing lyrical about taking Tory votes. He never mentioned us taking votes from Labour or LibDem ! I personally voiced my opinion on this, and noted he changed his tune on Saturday ! Whether i had anything to do with this or not, i don't know. However, for a person with such high credentials, this catastrophic mistake can not be forgiven. He does not consider RKS setting up another party as a threat !!!!!! I fear he has again got this horribly wrong.

Nigel Farage - Was scathing of RKS, and understandably so ! Wink After all, RKS stole the limelight from him ! Laughing Nigel is a very good orator, but as one observer stated, he lacks warmth. He thrives on adulation, the more he gets, the more his chest puffs out ! RKS would have seriously thwarted Nigel's ambitions, and i therefore suspect that personal ambition has seriously interfered with logical thinking in this case.

Roger Knapman - What can you say ? Here is what i consider to be an extremely nice man. But, nice is not good enough ! We need someone with all-consuming presence, and unfortunately, Roger doesn't have this. In his final speech yesterday, there was little content, he looked tired, and to be quite frank, he looked defeated.

For those of you who do not consider the RKS alternative as a threat, then you are going to regret your current position in the fullness of time. RKS is a massive threat, and my guess is, that UKIP members are about to leave in droves !

posted by Martin |3:39 PM
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