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Sunday, January 16, 2005 

UKIP in The Sprout

I have been informed that there is a long interview with Nigel Farage in the latest edition of The Sprout, the Brussels based satirical magazine. Any who consider Farage still has any relevance to eurosceptics, other than being one of the many now advancing the cause of the EU under false colours, should be able to find here and there. All that I can find regarding UKIP in the limited content available on the web, linked here, is this biting but accurate observation:

UKIP playing the numbers…?

Trying to shore up party leader, Roger Knapman, UKIP launched a consultation exercise with their branch chairmen. Over a period of three days this is how many they officially stated they had spoken to. 233 (Press release 23rd Oct); 237 Nigel Farage MEP (23rd Oct), 224 Farage again Radio 4 (22nd); and the official figures of how many branches that they have according to the Electoral Commission? 182.

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